Beyond Dreamflight

What is Beyond Dreamflight?

For some children, the 10-day Dreamflight trip can be just the beginning. Our volunteers sometimes see a spark ignited in young people on the trip, who then want to go on to achieve something important to them. Where we can, we want to help.


In 2017 we launched Beyond Dreamflight, a scheme which aims to support former Dreamflight children after they have returned from the trip, by providing tailored support.  The support needed might range widely - from sports training, to a financial grant, to workplace mentoring. The aim is to give an extra boost to help former Dreamflight children to reach their potential.


Who does Beyond Dreamflight support?

In order to be considered under this scheme the individual:-

  • Must have taken part in a Dreamflight trip as a child in the five years before the application is submitted.
  • Must live in the UK

The support should help the young person realise their potential, whatever that might be.
It must not be something a statutory body is obliged to provide, or that is easily obtained elsewhere.


Who can apply?

Medical professionals or Dreamflight volunteers who have a relationship with the child and family can apply for the support for the child.  We cannot accept applications from families directly.


How are decisions made?

Dreamflight Trustees assess each application on a case by case basis, and take financial decisions where needed. Applications need to make a compelling case for support, and explain how Dreamflight’s help will make a real difference.


How do I apply for help?

Please read our guidance notes and complete our application form outlining the child’s needs, support required and the difference it will make.  If you’d like further guidance or have any questions please contact

Beyond Dreamflight in action

Case Study 1


Amelia’s family were fundraising to purchase a special Race Runner bike to help their daughter train, as she has a desire to compete.  The bike would also help develop Amelia’s legs and core muscles, increasing her independence. Beyond Dreamflight provided the shortfall to purchase the Race Runner bike and now ‘Awesome Amelia’ is out on the track!


Case Study 2

A Dreamflight video team member saw an opportunity to bring together three Dreamflight children, one who wanted to act, one who wanted to direct and another who wanted to be a cameraman (even though he is registered blind).  The Dreamflight volunteer brought the three of them together to achieve just this and made a short film - click here and enjoy!


A note from the founder of Dreamflight:-
“It’s been such a pleasure witnessing the joy and breakthroughs of so many children ever since Dreamflight began in 1986. I’m delighted that Beyond Dreamflight can now take some of our Dreamflight children’s interests, talents and dreams even further.”  Patricia Pearce MBE

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