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New Text - Being involved with a charity like Dreamflight is truly rewarding. Realising that your efforts contribute to changing a child's life is an amazing and worthwhile experience.

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At Dreamflight we know that our volunteers are our backbone. We couldn’t do what we do without them. Whilst Dreamflight is an annual event, the work continues year-round.  If you’d like to get involved, there are many ways to go about it; we have active groups across the UK, and in our events section, you will see what’s happening in your area and who to contact. Alternatively contact our Office and we’ll make sure your offer of help is passed on to the Dreamflighters in your area. If you don’t live in the UK you may still be able to get involved as we are also active in many countries overseas; contact the Office for details.

Become an escort

There is no greater responsibility than looking after somebody else’s child and this is reflected in the care with which we choose the escorts who look after our special guests on Dreamflight. We have many more volunteers than we need and so the offer of being a Dreamflight escort is usually made to long-standing fundraisers or representatives from the many organisations that support us in making Dreamflight possible.

The selection is made carefully, and all our volunteers must be able to obtain a Criminal Record Bureau Enhanced Disclosure for their involvement in Dreamflight. If you believe that YOU could be an escort, start by getting involved, and get in touch.

I'm a Doctor / Physio / Nurse

FANTASTIC! We are always on the look out for committed professionals who can join in the fun and also bring along their valuable expertise. Tell us about yourself, along with your paediatric training and experience, and your professional accreditation.


You may not be able to offer us your services for the 10 days of the holiday, but we always need night nurses for our stay at a Heathrow hotel the night before we depart. If you can help out please  let us know.

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