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What makes a partnership
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"We receive many requests in BT Directories asking for help and support for amazing charities. We want to make a real difference to the lives of children who struggle to live a life that the rest of us take for granted.That’s why we chose to support Dreamflight” David Grossman, BT Directories CEO

David Grossman, Chief Executive Officer

Interested in becoming a sponsor?

There are so many different causes and charities that choosing where your support goes can be daunting. So what makes Dreamflight unique?

  • We are a small charity, with minimal overheads; your help could really have a significant impact
  • Dreamflight is about the here and now. As a 'quality of life' charity, it brings happiness and fulfilment to many children annually
  • Your support is tangible. We can tell you exactly what your support has paid for on Dreamflight
  • Dreamflight will work with you to achieve your objectives for the partnership
  • As a main sponsor, there is the possibility of seeing your generosity in action first hand, through participating on Dreamflight as a non-medical escort
  • There are 12 regionally based groups, allowing for both local and national involvement

How can my organisation help?

We would love to talk to you about a number of ways that you can support Dreamflight. Some ideas include:

  • Charity of the Year
  • Employee Fundraising
  • Trip Sponsorship opportunities
  • Tax Free Payroll Giving (GAYE)
  • Company matching employee donations
  • Corporate events and challenges
  • Giving of your services
  • 'Experience' gifts for auction at one of our events
  • Cause Related Marketing
  • Publicity for Dreamflight

The Dreamflight trip itself offers a number of opportunities for corporate sponsorship, some of them that can carry your brand. We would be happy to discuss this further with you; below are some of the current opportunities available:

  • Dreamflight rucksacks given to each child
  • Dreamflight Trip Clothing
  • Local Group T-shirt sponsorship
  • The video project (for every child to have a DVD of the trip personalised to their group)
  • The pre-departure Celebrity Party at Heathrow
  • A day's entry to a theme park
  • Our day at Discovery Cove, where each child can swim with dolphins

Are there any benefits for my organisation?

By supporting Dreamflight, we strongly believe our partnership should benefit both of us. A partnership with us should:

Motivate your staff

  • Pride in your organisations support, boosting morale and building loyalty
  • Team-building and leadership skills can be nurtured through a fundraising platform
  • A staff 'feel-good' factor with high staff approval

Help you get involved in your community

  • Help fund, and develop Dreamflight as a 'community asset'
  • Nurture a pro-community policy. Dreamflight is a national charity with a local network. No matter where you are, there is Dreamflight activity in your area and you can provide direct support to the communities that your company operates in.

Enhance your brand

  • Build on your reputation as a socially responsible organisation
  • Association with a nationally respected charity
  • Generate positive PR on a local and national level
  • Build rapport with your target audience, encouraging brand loyalty
  • Opportunities for co-branded events, magazine article sponsorship, and product placement

If you would like more information, or would like to discuss your organisations involvement with Dreamflight, please contact Sally Wrampling, Dreamflight Director, on 01494 722733 or at

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