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What is Dreamflight

The atmosphere as the children gather in the hotel at Heathrow on the afternoon before the trip is electric. Few will have been able to travel abroad before, away from their own doctors and carers, and none of them have any idea of what lies in store for them in the coming days.

As the parents leave their children in the care of Dreamflight, it's time to make new friends at the pre-departure celebrity party. Even the 'quiet, shy' children we've been told about become mysteriously noisy and extrovert! 

The party atmosphere onboard the flight sets the scene for the week to come. The movies on board, the food, the fun, it’s all tailored to the children. On arrival in Orlando, the drive from the airport to the hotel is straight out of the movies, with our friends from the Orange County Police closing all the roads, and giving our convoy of coaches a high speed escort straight to our hotel.

The days that follow are sheer magic; there's something for everyone. Walt Disney’s Magic Kingdom, Universal Studios, Islands of Adventure and Sea World, all give the children a chance to immerse themselves in their holiday of a lifetime - the fun, thrills, adventure, and excitement on show, has every child wide-eyed and delighted.

Then comes a firm favourite – Discovery Cove, where all the children experience the once-in-a-lifetime thrill of swimming with dolphins. It’s hard to imagine anything more touching than the joy on the children’s faces as they meet these gentle, friendly creatures.

It can be difficult for an outsider to believe that the happy and lively children they see laughing their way around the theme parks have any problems in life. But find time to talk to them about their life experiences and you can't help but be impressed and humbled by their courage. Those who do get the chance to meet these children, and hear their stories, understand exactly what Dreamflight means to them.

Hear from the children and their parents

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