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What is Dreamflight

Dreamflight children are between the ages of 8 and 14 and are currently, or have been, seriously ill. We take our advice from the medical profession and invite carers throughout the UK to nominate children who they feel will benefit from Dreamflight.

Our aim is to select deserving children who will gain a real and lasting benefit from Dreamflight. We look for children whose problems have made their lives so difficult, so unpleasant, that they simply deserve a special treat like this.

Naturally, most of the children will need supervised medication or some form of treatment during the trip, but we always remember that this is a holiday, so the attention they require must not be so intrusive as to risk spoiling the fun. Dreamflight children must also have the ability to cope with the long flight and a very busy holiday!

Our Medical Director - a paediatric consultant - ultimately decides who will be offered a place on the trip, but we don't let medical problems get in the way of having fun.

A medical professional can nominate a child for Dreamflight, click here for further information on the nomination process & to download a nomination form. Participating in the trip means that the child will be away from home for 10 days. Please do not tell the child that they have been nominated for Dreamflight as to avoid disappointment if not selected.

What about the adults?

Dreamflight children are arranged into 12 regional groups from across the UK, each with 8 boys and 8 girls. There is an adult escort for every 2 children and the group is headed up by a Group Leader who is a very experienced Dreamflight volunteer. The escorts in each group always include a doctor, a physiotherapist, and three nurses, with the remaining places being filled by non-medical helpers, people who have supported Dreamflight throughout the year.

Each escort is personally responsible for two children. Their duties begin long before the trip, liaising with the parents to ensure they receive a detailed briefing about their children's medical condition, medication and their treatment, so that they are fully aware of each individual's needs. On arrival in Florida the number of adult escorts increases as we are joined by our large team of American friends, many of whom have supported Dreamflight for years. The escorts' daily responsibility run from 6.00 am through 9.00pm. Thereafter, Dreamflight’s own team of night-nurses takes over to look after the children through the night.

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