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Terms and Conditions

Please agree to these terms and conditions before adding any of our Dreamflight banners to your website.

The banners made available on our website are the property of Dreamflight. You may download these for use on your website only in accordance with the following terms and conditions:

  1. The use of Dreamflight banners is solely for use on a single website. They are not intended for use for commercial purposes.
  2. You will use the banners as presented by Dreamflight and not alter or modify them in any way. You will not make copies of the banners or transfer, assign, sell, reproduce, distribute, or otherwise exploit the banners or your link to the Dreamflight website.
  3. Each banner will be displayed in a positive manner and will not be used in a way that adversely affects and/or portrays in a false, misleading, offensive or derogatory manner Dreamflight, or its products or services.
  4. No banner will be displayed in a manner that suggests that Dreamflight endorses, approves of, is sponsored by, or recommends any product or service, or is affiliated with any organisation or entity without the express prior written approval of Dreamflight
  5. No banner will appear on any page of any website that includes content or advertising which is:
    • i. Obscene, pornographic, violent, intolerant, tasteless, denigrating, or sexually oriented; or
    • ii. Disparaging of Dreamflight, its products, services, or mission.
  6. Dreamflight is not responsible for any loss, damage, liability, or expense that may accompany or result from your use of any banner or code, including any loss, damage, or liability that results from any computer virus and/or any impairment of a computer operation or Internet connection or transmission.

Dreamflight grants you a nonexclusive, limited, revocable licence to download and display the banner on your website in accordance with the terms and conditions specified above. Dreamflight retains the right to terminate this licence at any time for any reason, in which case you will need to remove the banner from your website within 24 hours of notice of termination. In such a case, you are prohibited from using the banner without prior written permission from Dreamflight.

By downloading a banner to your personal website, you are agreeing to the above terms and conditions, and warrant that the use of any banner will be strictly in accordance with those terms and conditions.

Please agree to these terms and conditions before adding any of our banners to your website.

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